Course Schedule#

Lecture slides are posted on Piazza.

Lecture 108/29/2022Introduction
Lecture 208/31/2022RL BasicsDQN, DPG, DDPG, Reinforcement Learning, NPG, TRPOHomework released
Lecture 309/07/2022Paper Presentations [slides1, slides2, slides3]RL from Human Preferences (Jayant), REDQ (Swathi), Solving Rubik's Cube with a Robot Hand (Carl)
Lecture 409/12/2022Advanced RL/HRL
Lecture 509/14/2022Paper Presentations [slides1, slides2, slides3]Phasic PG (Yafei), Dream to Control (Mrinal), Data-Efficient HRL (Fukang)
Lecture 609/19/2022Optimal Control, Adaptive Control, and Planning
Lecture 709/21/2022Paper Presentations [slides1, slides2]Dynamic Movement Primitives (paper, blog; Karthik), BIT* (Siva)
Lecture 809/26/2022Learning and Control
Lecture 909/28/2022Paper Presentations [slides1, slides2]Motion Policy Networks (Paul), Coarse-to-Fine Q-attention (paper, background; Zhizhuo)
Lecture 1010/03/2022Cool Robotics Results
Lecture 1110/05/2022Paper Presentations [slides1, slides2]Sim2Real Table Tennis (Sahiti), Unified Whole-Body Control of Manipulation and Locomotion (Himangi)Homework Due
Lecture 1210/10/2022Deep Learning for Control
Lecture 1310/12/2022Paper Presentations [slides1, slides2]TossingBot (Anurag), Autonomously Untangling Long Cables (Vidhi)Project Proposal Due
Lecture 1410/24/2022Active Vision, Object-based perception, 3D learning and Robotics, SSL for Robotics
Lecture 1510/26/2022Paper Presentations [slides1, slides2]Neural Descriptor Fields (Mihir), Real-World Robot Learning with Masked Visual Pre-training (Ali)
Lecture 1610/31/2022Exploration and Curiosity Part I
Lecture 1711/02/2022Paper Presentations [slides1, slides2]Is Curiosity All You Need? (Nilay), DISCERN (Aditya)
Lecture 1811/07/2022Exploration and Curiosity Part II
Lecture 1911/09/2022Paper Presentations [slides1, slides2]Dynamics-Aware Unsupervised Discovery of Skills (Seth), Contrastive Intrinsic Control for Unsupervised Skill Discovery (Harry)Midterm Report Due
Lecture 2011/14/2022Learning from Passive Data
Lecture 2111/16/2022Paper Presentations [slides1, slides2]CQL (Mateo), VIP (Tanmay)
Lecture 2211/21/2022Guest Lecture (Abhishek Gupta)
Lecture 2311/28/2022Guest Lecture (Karol Hausman, Keerthana Gopalakrishnan)
Lecture 2411/30/2022Paper Presentations [slides1, slides2, slides3]Socratic Models (Ellis), Parrot (Neehar), Vision-based Manipulators Need to Also See from Their Hands (Seungchan)
Lecture 2512/05/2022Challenges in Embodied Learning
Lecture 2612/07/2022Project PresentationsProject Final Report Due (extended to 12/14)